Pre-Pay & Budget Plans

The past few years have taught everyone that no one can anticipate  the fluctuation of the commodities market. For that reason, each year we offer our customers the opportunity to contract for their heating oil expense.  Plan pricing and availability is subject to change. Please call our office at 856-697-4777 to get current pricing.

One of your payment options is to pay as you go each month. But why pay for 80% of your fuel in four or five months? This can lead to big winter bills. Instead, enroll in our Budget payment program and spread out your fuel bills throughout the year.  Many of our customers prefer this approach.  With predictable monthly payments, your fuel bills will be easier to manage.


How does it work?


This monthly budget program spreads your fuel costs out over 11 months starting in July of each year, so you'll pay the same amount every month and avoid big bills during the heating season. We estimate your payments based on your past fuel use. If market prices or the weather (which affects how much fuel you'll use) cause our estimate to be too high or low, we'll make adjustments to your payments during the heating season.